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In 2018, liquid pack company, relying on the indigenous knowledge of the country (Iran), in line with the words of the supreme leader of domestic production and preventing raw sales, conducted extensive research on collapsible tanks.
Thanks to the efforts of Almighty God, with the internal strength of our beloved Iranian Mahin University students and experts, we were able to achieve this for the first time in the Middle East by using the most modern equipment in the world. With this big step in the country’s industry, the country’s transportation costs will decrease by 40%.
It is worth mentioning that the technology of making these exclusive reservoirs is available to limited developed countries. Steps have been taken to connect the university to the industry and we are proud to be the first step in this direction.
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With the aim of attracting academic staff to the industry and creating a work platform for the youth of our dear country, Iran, with the liquidpack brand to prevent raw sales and import of similar products, as well as to create added value in production, for the first time in the country, with local knowledge, it started producing collapsible tanks in The volume has increased.
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